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    Dance Central 3 Review for Xbox Kinect

    Are you ready to get your Gangnam Style on at home? Well no worries because the latest version of Dance Central has got you covered. The Kinect game will have you breaking a sweat in front of your TV to the latest hits. The look and feel of the game is generally the same of […]

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    Turn Any Wall into a Full-Sized Touch Screen Display with Kinect

    Here we are at Day 1 of Intel Developer Forum witnessing some fabulous proof-of-concept designs. The first concept to really catch our eye is Intel’s “Display without Boundaries”, where Intel turns any surface into a fully capable multi-touch screen. That means you can turn any wall, table, or item into a touch-screen device that recognizes […]

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    Brisk Iced Tea Force Throws Extra Content Onto Kinect Star Wars

    In tandem with the release of Kinect Star Wars this week, special one-liter bottles of Brisk Iced Tea will be available in 7-Elevens bearing Microsoft tags. Those tags can be scanned by the Kinect to unlock new game content, but the real good news here is the availability of one-liter bottles of Brisk Iced Tea, […]

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    The Ultimate Girl Gamers Video Game Guide for the Holidays

    With so many consoles and new accessories out, it’s hard to discern which games might suit your tastes. Do you prefer the riggers of exercising when it comes to the Wii, PS3 or XBox? Do you yearn for classic arcade style games or the ever popular music rhythm games? Don’t forget there is always the […]