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    Spotify Might Be Planning to Build Its Own Smart Home Speaker

    Today, we’ve got a wonderful example of our favorite kind of speculation — conclusions drawn from job openings! They don’t say anything concrete, but hey, that company can’t be hiring for that position for no reason, right? Well, music and tech blog Music Ally has just spotted a set of Spotify job postings that is giving off […]

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    Taylor Swift Finally Returns to Streaming, Releases Whole Catalog on Spotify

    About two years ago, Taylor Swift led the charge against streaming services giving artists short shrift. She yanked her whole catalog off Spotify in late 2014 alongside the release of her album 1989, citing the unfairness of free streaming to artists. She left her music on streaming services without free tiers, including Apple Music — but only after […]

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    Tivoli Adds Much Needed Modern Amenities to Their Iconic FM Radio

    Just about every tech company has tried to take the retro angle in the past ten years or so, but few do it right. Tivoli is one of the rare companies that does, which is why their latest product is such a big gamble. The company is known for its old fashioned speakers and radios, […]

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    Spotify Brings Touch Bar Support to Its Mac App

    When Apple announced the new MacBook Pro, one of the ways they tried to sell the new Touch Bar was with contextual media controls. The Touch Bar, an OLED strip that replaced the function keys with touch controls that change depending on what app is in use, has finally gotten some of those promised features […]

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    Sonos Control Feature in the Spotify App Now in Public Beta

    In August, we heard some big news from Sonos — starting in 2017, it’ll be possible to control your home’s Sonos speakers using Amazon Alexa and the Spotify app. But, for the impatient, they also mentioned that both of those features would be available as a public beta before the end of the year. We’re […]

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    Spotify Rolls Out Updated App to 2015 and 2016 Samsung Smart TVs

    Spotify is rolling out a big update to their Samsung Smart TV app, but not all Samsung smart televisions will have access to it. Those owning 2015 or 2016 models will get the update, with owners of older models retaining the existing version of the app. This week’s update optimizes Spotify’s interface for the big […]

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    Sonos Will Work With Amazon Alexa and the Spotify App in 2017

    Sonos has long been a terrific choice for setting up a simple wireless home audio system. Their speakers are all connected using Wi-Fi, with a central app enabling control over one, some, or all of those speakers. But, the technology Sonos used wasn’t something that meshed well with other products and services, which held it […]

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    Adele Says Hello to Streaming, Releases 25 Album on Spotify

    As was probably planned from the beginning, Adele has permitted all major streaming services — Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Prime, and yes, even Tidal — to start streaming her latest album, 25. The tap opened late last week, just over seven months after the album was released. At the time, Adele was one of a growing number of […]

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    Is Ford Already Preparing for a World Without Drivers?

    Earlier this year at the Detroit Auto Show, Ford had much more to talk about than just cars. They’re trying to brand themselves as a mobility company — that’s going to include dabbling in ride sharing, public transportation, autonomous cars, and even bicycles. That’s in preparation for the future Ford is anticipating — one in […]

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    Here’s How To Change The Spotify Progress Bar To A Lightsaber

    We might not be kidding. With The Force Awakens out and Star Wars clearly not going anywhere anytime soon now that it’s in the hands of Disney, all progress bars may soon be lightsabers. It has happened to Gmail and YouTube, and now Spotify has joined in. Resistance is futile – wait wrong thing. If […]

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    Bose SoundTouch 10 is a Spotify Speaker That Costs Just $199

    On the heels of Sonos’ new Play:5 speakers comes a complete refresh of Bose’s wireless home speakers, headlined by the new SoundTouch 10 that is set to retail for just $199. The new Bose speakers add Bluetooth connectivity while improving audio output. Before, the SoundTouch line of speakers (like Sonos) only had Wi-Fi connectivity, which […]

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    Aura Alarm Clock Wakes You Up with Spotify and Monitors Your Sleep

    Is “Gonna Fly Now” really the best wake up song, or is that too corny? If Rocky’s get up and go jam isn’t tops, then what is? Good news — as long as the ultimate morning song isn’t “Shake it Off,” we’re about to find out thanks to a new partnership between Withings and Spotify. […]

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    Taylor Swift Shakes Off Spotify, But Not Streaming

    As you no doubt know by now, because you tried to stream “Shake It Off” on Spotify and couldn’t, Taylor Swift has not only refused to release her newest album, 1989, on the streaming service, but has pulled her entire music library. Swift is far from the first artist to butt heads with the world of […]