She’s A Soldier Stationed Overseas And She Desperately Needs Your Help Bringing The Puppy She Rescued Back Home To Safety

Army Sergeant Char is currently stationed somewhere overseas in an area that is hardly hospitable to dogs. It’s an especially cruel and difficult area for puppies to survive in.

One of the dogs close to where Sergeant Char is deployed ended up having a litter of puppies that some of the soldiers found and readily stepped in to help.

Pretty much all of the puppies started becoming more and more friendly, except for one that Sergeant Char decided to call PupPup.

Sergeant Char worked very hard on getting PupPup to trust her, and slowly but surely this puppy did.

Now that Sergeant Char is nearing the end of her deployment, she desperately needs your help bringing PupPup home to live with her in America.

If PupPup gets left behind, there is just no way she will survive on her own.

Facebook; pictured above is PupPup

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