12-Year-Old Swept Out To Sea And Now There’s A Reward To Find Him As Search Efforts Continue

On January 18th, about a 50-minute drive south of San Francisco, 12-year-old Arunay Pruthi and his family were at Cowell Ranch State Beach in Half Moon Bay.

Cowell Ranch State Beach is a gorgeous public beach that has a bluff and trail that you can hike along to get to the beach.

It’s home to harbor seals from February through March, and it’s not as well-traveled as some other beaches in the area.

Arunay was with his dad and his 8-year-old brother on the beach when suddenly a wave crashed into the sand and ripped all three of them out into the water.

Though Arunay’s dad and brother managed to get back onto the beach, Arunay was not so lucky. He was carried right out into the ocean.

Facebook; pictured above is Arunay

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