Can You Say Lucky? This Guy Won Over $1 Million Dollars Playing The Lottery, Lost His Ticket, Then Found It

About an hour and a half outside of Nashville, Tennessee, in a city called Sparta, a man named Nick Slatten got unbelievably lucky two times in one day.

On March 10th, Nick decided to buy himself a beverage and a lottery ticket on his way home from work.

The very next morning, Nick checked his numbers, and he was in for quite a surprise.

“Ticket in hand, he noticed he had hit two numbers, and then he looked again. He had them all, making his ticket worth $1,178,746,” the Tennessee Education Lottery Corporation explained in a press release.

Nick headed right over to see his fiancée Michelle at work so he could let her know the incredible news in person.

Tennessee Education Lottery Corporation; pictured above is Nick with some of his loved ones and his winnings

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