This Brave Young Woman Is Bending Beauty Standards By Letting Her Mustache And Unibrow Grow

I’m not sure who said we women have to be shaving or plucking everything on our bodies to be beautiful, but one brave young woman is bucking that trend.

Eldina Jaganjac is a 31-year-old woman living in Denmark who is bending beauty standards by letting her mustache and unibrow grow.

Sometime last year, Eldina decided she was done with the razors and tweezers, and she decided to let her natural body hair just be.

Although Eldina admits on social media that she has had to deal with a lot of nasty comments about her appearance now, it’s not going to slow her down one bit or change how she’s living, and there are overwhelmingly positive comments she’s garnering too.

Instagram; pictured above is Eldina

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