Joanna Gaines Celebrates Her Little Baby Sister Opening A Business In A Sweet Instagram Post

“A couple things I love so much…my baby sis and watching someone pursue what makes them come alive,” Joanna wrote in a sweet Instagram post.

“So you can imagine how I’m feeling today as these two things come together!!!”

Joanna explained that Mikey has had this dream for years, but she’s been busy with her six children and didn’t have the time to pursue her passion until now.

“Mikey’s sense of wonder and heart for adventure mixed with her love of plants and vintage finds have helped her create something truly special,” Joanna said.

Instagram; pictured above Joanna sits down with Mikey in her shop

She then said Mikey would be at a popup shop happening at Black Oak Art on Franklin Avenue.

Mikey also penned a post on social media, remarking that the first opening day of her business also happens to be her 17th wedding anniversary.

“About 21 years ago when I was in college I started dreaming of having a little shop,” Mikey revealed in her Instagram message.

“Back then I imagined calling it The Yellow Submarine, and I had dreams of traveling around the country in an old camper searching for all sorts of vintage finds to sell at the shop (which also included a coffee shop and rock climbing wall… I was dreaming big!;) ).”

“That little desire never went away. But I tucked it away bc I was raising these beautiful babies, and David was in med school/residency. And I knew that was where I needed and wanted to be.”

Instagram; pictured above is Mikey with her husband David

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