Makeup Artist Passes Away After Flying To Mexico To Get Weight Loss Surgery

Biloxi, Mississippi. 34-year-old Markita McIntyre was a self-taught makeup artist and mom of three children that many of her loved ones described as a beautiful soul.

“Markita was funny, outgoing, determined, and did exactly what her heart desired,” her obituary reads.

“Her beauty, charm, and graceful spirit would light up your world; let’s not be deceived; she was fiercely loyal to her family and close friends. Furthermore, she was a huge positive influence on the community.”

Not long ago, Markita decided to go on a weight loss journey and ended up losing around 25 pounds on her own.

Wanting to lose more weight, Markita then planned to have a weight loss procedure done.

Markita and one of her closest friends Franchesca both wanted gastric sleeve surgeries, and they were supposed to get their surgeries done at the same time.

Facebook; pictured above is Markita

The friends were going to travel to Mexico to save money on their procedures since the country is well known for having some of the most affordable surgeries in the world.

Gastric sleeve surgery involves having a surgeon remove a section of your stomach. The remainder of your stomach is then pieced back together, essentially creating a new, much smaller stomach than the one you originally had. After having this permanent procedure done, you can’t eat the same amount of food as you did before, which is the main way you continue to lose weight.

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