Senior Dog Who Lived Her Whole Life On The Streets Rescued After Being Run Over And Left For Dead

Houston, Texas. 12-year-old Coco is an adorable older dog who spent her entire life living on the streets of Houston.

At some point in her life on the streets, Coco got run over by a car and was left for dead. Her luck changed when a local rescue learned about her.

When they went looking for her, they discovered her hiding beneath a bush out in a bed of flowers.

Coco couldn’t even move by the time help arrived for her.

Facebook; pictured above is Coco

She spent at least several days under that bush without any medical attention, and she’s lucky to still be alive, especially after you hear about all of the things she was suffering from.

“Imagine being a helpless dog, homeless your whole life. Wandering the streets looking for food, looking for a kind human,” the Forgotten Pet Advocates wrote in a Facebook post.

“At some point chained to a fence, chained to a porch, people who wanted you to “alert” when strangers approached, then when they were done with you – unhook and off you are again.”

“Sometimes so much better off than what you just endured. This has been Coco’s life for the past 10 or so years! Now Coco is a senior.”

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