She Didn’t Know She Was Pregnant And Then She Gave Birth Mid-Flight

Hawaii Pacific Health shared in a statement that several of their medical professionals happened to be on the same flight as Lavinia that day.

“Luckily for mom and baby, Hawaii Pacific Health Family Medicine Physician Dr. Dale Glenn and North Kansas City Hospital NICU Nurses Lani Bamfield, Amanda Beeding and Mimi Ho were also on board the flight to help with the delivery and provide care for mom and baby until the flight landed in Honolulu,” Hawaii Pacific Health said.

“Given that airplanes also aren’t equipped to provide care for a premature baby, Dr. Glenn had to rely on previous wilderness medicine training.

“He and the nurses used a couple of shoelaces to tie and cut through the umbilical cord, made baby warmers out of bottles that were microwaved, and used an Apple Watch to measure the baby’s heart rate.”

How wild is that? Thank goodness all of those professionals were on board to help, as even though Lavinia’s son was born prematurely, he is doing well and so is she.

“Hi! We are the sisters of Lavinia! We, along with a few more of our family members, were on the airplane with Lavi when she gave birth,” Lavinia’s sisters wrote on a GoFundMe page created for her.

“Thanks to a viral TikTok video, the world found out that our sister, Lavinia, had a baby onboard our Delta flight from Salt Lake to Hawaii.”

“Our miracle baby nephew was born 28 weeks along with 3 hours left on our flight and was such a strong trooper.”

“Our sister did not know she was pregnant so she was just as shocked as the rest of us when our nephew was born!”

Hawaii Pacific Health; pictured above is Lavinia, her newborn son, and a doctor who helped them

Right now, Lavinia’s baby Raymond Kaimana Wade Kobe Lavaki Mounga is still in the NICU, and he is getting better with each passing day.

Lavinia and her son need to stay obviously stay longer in Hawaii than Lavinia intended because her baby isn’t well enough to fly home.

The money her family is trying to raise for her will be used to help cover her baby’s medical bills since it’s looking like he needs to stay there until the end of this month or the beginning of June.

You can donate to the GoFundMe page for Lavinia and her baby Raymond here.

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