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She Got Trapped Inside A Chicken Coop With Her Toddler And Had To Be Rescued By The Police

A few weeks in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, someone placed one unusual 911 call.

The Oklahoma City Police Department explained in a Facebook post that at 10:45 in the morning on April 27th, a 911 call came in from someone concerned for their neighbor.

The caller said that their neighbor had gotten stuck inside of her chicken coop, along with her toddler-aged son and her dog named Chucho.

Facebook; the Oklahoma City Police Department shared the above photo of the adorable little boy they helped rescue from the chicken coop

“As an officer, you just never know what the day may bring… yesterday was no exception for Officer Criswell,” the Oklahoma City Police Department wrote in their post regarding the incident.

“Around 10:45 yesterday morning we received an urgent call for help through 911. The reporting party called in stating their neighbors (a mom and child) were in immediate need of assistance,” they continued.

Officer Criswell responded to their call and was able to successfully free mom, baby, and dog from the chicken coop.

“The door shut behind them because of the Oklahoma wind, and they were unable to get out,” the Oklahoma City Police Department added in a comment when asked about how this had happened in the first place.

After being rescued, the adorable little boy and his mom wrote a sweet little note to Officer Criswell, thanking the officer for their help.

Facebook; pictured above is another photo of the adorable little boy the Oklahoma City Police Department rescued from the chicken coop after he got stuck inside with his mom and dog

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