3 TikTok Ice Cream Sandwiches You Need To Try This Summer

It’s officially summertime and pretty much everyone has to agree that the perfect treat for this time of year is ice cream. The best kind of ice cream is arguably the ice cream sandwich, where you have a lot of unique varieties available. 

Delicious, right? Some chefs have started posting videos on TikTok about the creative ice cream recipes they have crafted using new ingredients.

Here are three of our favorites below, and you need to let us know if you try them!

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Ok, this is the easiest recipe on the list. Buy your favorite ice cream sandwich from the store, take it home, and coat it in marshmallow fluff.

Next, you need a little culinary blowtorch. If you don’t have one, don’t worry, you can get one on Amazon for just $13.99 here.

Using your little blowtorch, warm the marshmallow fluff until you have it looking gooey and golden. Now it’s ready to enjoy!

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