Bravo’s Andy Cohen Asking For Help After His Childhood Friend Goes Missing From The ER: Where Is Andy Neiman?

“At 9 pm he went missing. He escaped the ER. The police contacted me to let me know at 9:30, but the hospital never called. I am in disbelief and great fear and am grasping for ideas on how to find him.”

Facebook; pictured above is one of the missing flyers for Andy that Andy Cohen shared

Andy might still be somewhere Poughkeepsie, or he could be anywhere in Ulster County or Dutchess County.

It’s worth noting that Andy is not from the area and does live out of town, so he’s not exactly familiar with his surroundings.

Emily does believe that Andy could be trying to walk to where she lives in High Falls.

Emily has been constantly sharing updates on the search for her brother Andy, and although several tips have come in, Andy still is missing.

A detective team is currently aiding in the search for Andy, and Andy’s family has also hired their own private investigator.

Facebook; pictured above is Andy and what he was wearing right before he went missing

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