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Meet Archie, The Adorable Baby Zebra Born Recently At This Utah Zoo

Facebook; pictured above Archie makes a new friend at the Hogle Zoo

In case you were wondering, Archie’s older brother Zion is also named after one of the national parks.

“We also love Zion National Park,” Michelle Olandese, an African Savanna keeper, explained on Facebook.

“Wherever Zion ends up with the SSP (Species Survival Plan), he’ll have a connection to Utah.”

All of the Hartmann’s mountain zebras at Hogle Zoo are part of their African Savanna exhibit, where they live alongside Ostriches and Giraffes just like they do in the wild.

The Hogle Zoo is committed to conserving these zebras, and in 1992 there were only about 8,000 left in the world.

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