An Awesome Designer Dad Created These 25 Beautiful Disney Inspired Dresses

Anaheim, California. Dads that play dress up with their kids are truly inspirational, but dads that CREATE dress up outfits for their children take this to a whole new level!

Meet Nephi Garcia, also known as Designer Daddy, who creates breathtaking Disney inspired outfits for not only his children but his clients too!

You can also request a completely custom outfit from him, which is sure to help your Disney-loving imagination run wild.

Cinderella’s Stepmother


I need to find a ball or even just a wedding to crash ASAP because this incredible Cinderella Stepmother inspired dress is too fabulous to wear to any other occasion!



I don’t even care about how the heck I’m going to manage to walk in a Mermaid tail this fabulous, I just want to order one immediately.

Legs are overrated (even though Ariel would not agree with that)!

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