Meet The Wonderful Woman Who Makes Lookalike Dolls To Be Different So Kids With Disabilities Don’t Feel Left Out

New Berlin, Wisconsin. Amy Jandrisevits used to be a pediatric oncology social worker, but now she makes dolls to be different, so kids with disabilities don’t feel left out.

Amy was always disheartened by the lack of diversity out there when it comes to how dolls are designed.

So, she set out to do something about it, and now she creates custom lookalike dolls to look just like children with disabilities.

She explains on her Facebook page, “Even back when I was a social worker, I thought it was so important to have dolls available to the kids because everyone should have something to cuddle, everyone should have a doll that looks like them (especially when you don’t have any hair!), and medical play is helpful for psychosocial adjustment.”

“My Master’s thesis was about the healing power of play. Now, I’m a stay-home-mom and I have a pretty good sense of the toy market (because I’m quite sure we own all of them!)”

“It is my heartfelt belief that dolls should look like their owners AND dolls should be available in all colors, genders, and body types.”

“We do kids such a disservice in not offering a wide variety of toys. In an ideal world, limb difference, body type, medical condition, birthmarks, and hand differences would be as accepted as all of the other things that make us unique.”

“Until then, kids might need a little extra coaching…and something that will help them feel proud of who they are. THAT is why I make dolls. Dolls touch a place in kids that medicine can’t.”

Here are some of the dolls she makes, and how she really first got started doing this.

Facebook; Amy smiles above with one of the dolls she made

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