Mom Pushing For Edibles To Come In Different Packaging After Her Daughter Ate One Thinking It Was Candy And Almost Died

Jacksonville, Florida. Morgan McCoy is a mom on a mission. She’s now pushing for edibles to come in different packaging after her daughter ate one thinking it was candy and almost died.

Over Memorial Day weekend, Morgan, her husband, and her daughter took a trip to her in-law’s home in Jacksonville. They were throwing a party with around 30 to 40 guests.

Morgan and her family normally stay in a specific room in her in-law’s house, but this time they had friends staying there, so they switched to another room.

“This friend has 2 children,” Morgan explained. “One of them had taken a running dive into the pool but alas… this child is two… so the parent went for a swim while fully clothed to get their child.”

“They had this bag of gummies (well gummy, singular) in their pocket. Frazzled, I’m sure, they ran in and got out of the wet clothes.. grabbed the bag and put it in the dresser between some clothes while they went to change.”

“My…daughter went in looking for HER clothes, because this is the room she normally stays in… she came across the bag and, like any 6-year-old would…”

“She ate the candy.”

The thing is though, this wasn’t a bag of normal candy; it was a bag of edibles that was legally purchased by the friends as far as Morgan knows.

Facebook; pictured above is the edible packaging that looks like candy that Morgan is talking about in her post

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