She Was Just Found Dead Under Suspicious Circumstances On The Exact Same Property Her Sister-In-Law Was Burned And Murdered On

“The Preliminary Toxicology Report is now complete. However, it is not being released to our family at this time and will not be released until all pending law enforcement investigations are closed,” he wrote.

“This news is both rejoicefully welcomed and bittersweet; as it has now been five months since this incident and we still do not even know how my sister died.”

Facebook; pictured above is another post from Brandon regarding Kristina’s death

Just 4 days after Brandon shared that on social media, Ashley posted a copy of Kristina’s death certificate.

She expressing outrage that it took 5 months to get it back and that Kristina’s cause of death was listed as unknown, while her manner of death was written in as undetermined.

Ashley and Brandon were clearly no closer to getting the answers they so desperately wanted in bringing justice for Kristina.

“You may think this is over and your job is done, but you are mistaken,” Ashley wrote. “This is only the beginning. I will leave no stone unturned in my pursuit of truth.”

Less than a month after Ashley shared this, she would be dead, found shot on the same property her sister-in-law had died on.

Facebook; pictured above is a copy of Kristina’s death certificate as shared by Ashley on social media

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