She Went Missing After She Got A Strange Phone Call While At Dinner With Her Family: Where Is Tina Prince?

Sandersville, Georgia. 46-year-old Tina Prince works as a first-grade teacher at Ridge Road Primary School and she lives in Sandersville.

On May 28th, a Friday night, Tina went to Pueblo’s Mexican Restaurant to have dinner along with her family.

At some point during dinner, Tina received a call that her family thought was strange. She left the restaurant to pick up the weird call, then came back inside to say goodbye to her family.

Facebook; pictured above is Tina Prince

Tina then left Pueblo’s Mexican Restaurant and seemingly vanished.

“She was last seen on May 28, 2021, around 8 PM by her family at Pueblo’s Mexican Restaurant,” the AWARE Foundation explained in a flyer for Tina after she went missing.

“Family said Tina received a “suspicious” phone call during dinner. She took the call outside, returned back inside & told her family goodbye & left.”

The flyer also noted that Tina’s car was found in a Walmart parking lot, but unfortunately, security cameras were not able to pick it up.

Then, the Washington County Sheriff’s Office shared an update 3 hours ago.

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