Teen In The ICU With Horrific Burns After Trying A TikTok Fire Challenge

Portland, Oregon. 13-year-old Destini Crane is now in the ICU suffering from horrific burns after her family says she tried a TikTok fire challenge.

Destini’s sister Andrea explained that Destini was inside their apartment bathroom when she lit a candle.

Unfortunately, a bottle of isopropyl alcohol accidentally exploded after the candle was lit, and the alcohol covered nearly all of Destini’s body.

“On Thursday, May 14th, my 13-year-old sister Destini was lighting a candle in the bathroom of our apartment (we now are assuming and believe it was a for a fire TikTok trend she was recording) and a bottle of isopropyl alcohol exploded on her face, neck, chest, hair and right side of her body, setting her on fire,” Andrea wrote on a GoFundMe page.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Destini in the ICU

“She is currently in the ICU until her state can be assessed and taken off of the ventilator, and then will be moved to the burn unit for skin grafts.”

Since Destini was left unable to talk, her family is waiting for her to wake up so they can try to piece together exactly what happened in the bathroom that day.

Destini is on a ventilator and a feeding tube, and she also had to have surgery for a tracheotomy.

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