Orphaned Kitten Couldn’t Use His Back Legs, So Staff At The Arizona Humane Society Got Creative To Get Him Walking Again

Phoenix, Arizona. Zion is a newborn orphaned kitten who stole hearts all over the internet after the Arizona Humane Society staff got creative in helping him.

He couldn’t use his back legs at all and struggled to walk, so here’s what they did to quickly get him on his little feet.

The Arizona Humane Society explained how their staff came together and pitched in for this adorable little guy in a Facebook post.

Facebook; pictured above is the little kitten named Zion

Zion came to the Arizona Humane Society when he was orphaned at just 5 days old.

“In addition to needing round-the-clock care in AHS’ Bottle Baby Kitten ICU to survive without his mother, he was badly knuckling on his back feet and unable to use his legs normally,” the Arizona Humane Society explained in a Facebook post.

“While receiving care from the dedicated staff and volunteers of this 24-hour intensive care unit, Zion especially tugged at the staff’s heartstrings who were determined to try to help him walk again.”

The veterinary technician team thought quickly to put together little splints for Zion.

They made them out of medical wrap bandages, a tongue depressor, and gauze.

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