This Service Dog’s Reaction To Meeting Her Favorite Character At Disney Is Just Too Cute

Orlando, Florida. Ezra is one good girl! She is a Golden Retriever and service dog who enjoys going on adventures with her owner.

In one of her trips, she got to go to Disney, and her reaction below to meeting her favorite character is just too cute for words.

Ezra’s owner Ani shared that her disability prevents her from living a “normal life” and that she has an injury to her spine.

“Regardless of what you label it, standing for more than a few minutes is exhausting for me, my whole body feels as though I’m spraining joints and pulling muscles even after the lightest of activities,” Ani explained.

“I often feel like I’m being electrocuted and my nerves are hyperactive so I feel everything and everything hurts.”

“Although I know Disney and Universal are tiring for anyone, it’s really a painful and physically demanding experience for me.”

Instagram; pictured above Ezra has fun at Disney

When Ani and Ezra went to Disney together, Ezra was still learning and training to help Ani do mobility work.

“But all the pictures you see are the highlights,” Ani continued. “You won’t see pictures of the tears, the limping, the nearly falling over from exhaustion.”

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