Teen Goes Out With Her Friends And Is Later Found Shot Dead In Her Car Now Police Say An 18-Year-Old Girl Is Responsible For Her Murder

Phoenix, Arizona. 17-year-old Itzel Espinoza dreamed of growing up to be a model and she had a wonderful sense of humor. This fall, Itzel was set to start her final year of high school.

Itzel was very active on social media, and she had racked up more than 70,000 followers on Instagram, where she frequently posted photos of her outfits.

On July 1st, Itzel went out for what should have been a normal night out with her friends.

When she never came back home that evening, her dad Eduardo immediately reported her as missing to the police.

A few days later, Itzel was found shot dead inside of her car.

Instagram; pictured above is Itzel

It was around 5:30 in the morning on July 3rd when Itzel’s body was discovered, and the Phoenix Police Department quickly worked to identify those involved in taking Itzel’s life.

19-year-old Jesus J. Valle Padilla and another 16-year-old boy who has yet to be named were both arrested so far, but one suspect remains at large.

The Phoenix Police Department has named 18-year-old Lindsey Brianna Aguilar as a suspect in Itzel’s murder, and they currently do not know where she is.

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