Teen Who Disappeared In A Mudslide Sadly Found Dead 3 Years Later

Montecito, California. In January of 2018, flash floods caused a mudslide to sweep through the Santa Barbara area.

130 homes were completely ruined, and 23 people ended up losing their lives. After the mudslide had devastated the area, 17-year-old Jack Cantin remained missing though, along with 2-year-old Lydia Sutthithepa.

Jack’s dad Dave was unfortunately found deceased on the beach.

“In Santa Barbara on January 9th, there were severe rainstorms that resulted in flash floods,” a friend of the Cantin family wrote on a GoFundMe page for Jack’s mom, Kim.

GoFundMe; pictured above is the Cantin family

“Terrible timing given the recent fires. Kim Cantin and her family were horribly impacted by this storm.”

“We are sorry to report that her house was completely washed away and more heartbreak is that her husband Dave and her 16-year old son Jack are still missing.”

“Thankfully her 14-year old daughter was rescued by firefighters on January 9th. We are working with the local community to offer as much support to Kim and her family as quickly as possible.  Please keep Kim and her family in your thoughts and prayers.”

In the three years that have passed since then, the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office provided updates on the multiple searches that were done in the hopes of finding Jack and Lydia.

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