The Transformation Of This Sad Stray Cat Is The One Heartwarming Thing You Need To See Today

Golden Valley, Minnesota. When I say Bruce Willis, you say Die Hard, right? Or maybe The Sixth Sense.

You’re definitely are not thinking of a cat, but here’s one that shares the same name as this famous actor, and he’s getting pretty well known online in his own right.

Bruce Willis the cat used to be a stray until his lovely owner Sandra decided to take a chance on him and give him a loving home after meeting him at the Animal Humane Society in Minnesota.

The transformation that Bruce Willis underwent in just a year is the one heartwarming thing you totally need to see today.

Get ready to ugly cry. I warned you.

Facebook; pictured above is Bruce Willis prior to being adopted

Sandra shared a post on Facebook to celebrate her anniversary of adopting Bruce Willis.

“I had been there several times to visit a cat named Bruce Willis. This day was different, though, because this day I was bringing him home,” she explained.

“I’m not going to lie, the thought of adopting a former stray with several health issues scared me.”

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