The Viral, Heartwarming Story About How This Young Woman Rescued A Cardinal Is What We All Need To Read Right Now

Marysville, Pennsylvania. Angela Buck is a young woman from Marysville, Pennsylvania, who shared a heartwarming story on Facebook about how she rescued a cardinal, and now it’s going viral.

Honestly, it’s what we all need to read right now, amid all the negative news surrounding us lately.

It’s also a great lesson in case you need to know what to do if this happens to you!

“This morning I was about to let my dogs out and I saw a cardinal in the driveway,” she started out by explaining.

“I thought “I better shoo it away before Luna and Geno run out there” so I walked out and had no luck getting him to fly away.”

“So I thought “do I pick him up and move him?” Well, I went for it and he hopped on my hand (!!!!) and just sat there.”

Here’s what Angela ended up doing to help this little guy out.

Facebook; Angela shared the above photo of the cardinal sitting in her hand

“He didn’t seem hurt, he was moving his head and repositioning himself on my hand,” she went on to say.

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