10 Years Ago This College Girl Vanished After A Night Out With Her Friends And Some People On The Internet Think They Found Her In This TikTok Video

Bloomington, Indiana. It was June 3rd, 2011, and 20-year-old Lauren Spierer went out with her friends for the evening to celebrate the fact that their semester at Indiana University was over and summer was about to begin.

At around 4:30 in the morning, one of Lauren’s friends watched her walk down the street back towards her own apartment, after she declined an offer of sleeping over and heading back to her place later.

Lauren hasn’t been seen since then, and it’s now been 10 long years since she disappeared, seemingly into thin air.

Bloomington Police Department; pictured above is Lauren and what she was wearing when she vanished

“Ten years ago today in the early hours of June 3, 2011, Lauren became a missing person,” her mom Charlene wrote on a Facebook post marking the 10 years since Lauren disappeared.

“What started as an evening with friends ended tragically for Lauren and for our family.”

“There is no video evidence proving Lauren ever turned the corner at 11th and College Avenue around 4:30AM. There has never been any suspect named.”

“This is what I know. What happened to Lauren was shocking,” she continued. “It is inconceivable to have spoken to Lauren hours before discovering it would be for the last time.”

“Shocking that someone so loved could vanish without a trace but entirely possible. It did happen and ten years later I still struggle.”

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