A Concerned Viewer Literally Saved This Journalist’s Life After Pointing Out Something Alarming While She Was On TV

Tampa Bay, Florida. Victoria Price works as an investigative journalist for WFLA News in Tampa Bay, located in Florida, and she’s certainly no stranger to being front and center on TV.

In a news segment she did on-air a concerned viewer took the time to send her an email about something alarming they pointed out to her.

It turns out, this person literally spotted her cancer and most likely saved her life.

Here’s the whole story about what happened.

Instagram; Victoria smiles in the photo above

Victoria shared in an Instagram post, “8 On Your Side” isn’t just a catchphrase at @wfla. It’s our cornerstone. But the roles recently reversed when I found a viewer on MY side, and I couldn’t be more grateful.”

“As a journalist, it’s been full throttle since the pandemic began. Never-ending shifts in a never-ending news cycle.”

“Adjusting to remote workflows and in my case, taking on a new investigative role. We were covering the most important health story in a century, but my own health was the farthest thing from my mind.”

“Until a viewer emailed me last month.”

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