Elderly Golden Retriever Fell Down A Well But Firefighters Were Able To Successfully Rescue Him

Aloha, Oregon. An adorable, elderly Golden Retriever named Calvin found himself in quite the predicament recently, but luckily, a few firefighters stepped in to save him.

On the afternoon of August 23rd, poor Calvin somehow managed to fall down an abandoned well, and clearly, there was no hope of him being able to rescue himself from the situation.

“Firefighters from station 62 in Aloha paired up with firefighters from our technical rescue team from station 51 in Tigard to rescue a 12 yo Golden Retriever that had fallen into an abandoned well in Aloha this afternoon,” Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue wrote in a Facebook post.

Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue; pictured above is part of the rescue effort to save Calvin from the well

Using a system of ropes and a tripod, the firefighters sent one of the members of their rescue team down into the well that Calvin had fallen into.

At that point, Calvin had already been inside for approximately 4 hours, but Calvin’s rescuers successfully extracted him from his precarious situation.

“Firefighters from our technical rescue team receive specialized training in multiple disciplines, including confined space rescue,” Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue explained.

“Animal rescues are carefully evaluated and often used as an opportunity for firefighters to hone their skills for this highly technical task.”

Thank goodness Calvin is ok and currently at home with his family! Just days after Calvin’s rescue, Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue had to step in to save another dog.

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