Even Though Her Brother Asked Her To Wear Specific Colors To His Wedding, This Teen Showed Up Wearing All Black And Upset Him

An 18-year-old teen has an older 26-year-old brother who recently got married, and even though he asked her to wear very specific colors to his wedding, she showed up wearing all black and upset everyone.

The wedding was on the smaller side and was held outdoors. There were less than 100 guests.

Her brother and his 25-year-old bride really wanted to have a color-coordinated wedding, so on the invites, they requested that guests wear either sky blue or fuchsia.

Well, this teen had a huge issue with the dress code, because she explained that she will only wear white or black; nothing else.

She reminded her brother of this well before he got married, and he replied that she had a lot of time to find an outfit to fit their requests.

“It was like he has no care for the fact that I don’t wear those colors at all,” this teen said.

“I complained about it to my parents and my mom offered to take me shopping to find something to wear and she told me it was just one day and that wearing something a different color for a few hours is not going to kill me.”

“When we went shopping I hated everything she made me try on and she ended up just buying a couple of things in the two colors and brought them home.”

But when the wedding day arrived, she decided she was not going to wear what her brother and his bride wanted her to.

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