Groom Kicks His Own Brother Out Because He Showed Up With Kids To His Child-Free Wedding

A few days ago a man had his wedding and married the love of his wife. This groom and his bride wanted their wedding to be entirely child-free, which isn’t an unreasonable request.

Many people choose not to invite children to their weddings for various reasons, and this groom pointed out that he and his bride wanted to not have kids there due to costs and concerns with things being peaceful.

The invites to their wedding clearly stated their wishes to keep things child-free, and this groom was immediately concerned about what his 36-year-old brother named Ramsey would do after getting the invite.

Ramsey got married quite young and went on to have 4 kids who are very active and hyper.

Ramsey and his wife refuse to leave their kids at home and pack them up to go wherever they go, no matter what.

This groom made the decision to hand-deliver Ramsey’s wedding invitation, and when his brother opened it up, he was very rude about it as he came across the child-free part.

Ramsey couldn’t believe that his kids were not invited to the wedding, and he got upset. He insisted that his kids always get included in every event, to which the groom replied that it was his and his bride’s choice and all the guests were abiding by this rule already.

Ramsey took a moment, then changed his tune entirely. He said that he understood the groom’s decision, and dropped it.

The groom didn’t hear anything about the kids coming after that, so he assumed everything would be fine.

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