Her Fiancé’s Grandma Gifted Her A Family Heirloom Then Asked For It Back And The Drama That Followed Has Her Wanting To Uninvite Grandma From The Wedding

One bride-to-be was gifted a family heirloom by her fiancé’s grandma, and after grandma asked for it back, the drama that followed now has her wanting to uninvite some of her fiancé’s family members from their upcoming wedding.

Oh boy, right?

This bride-to-be started out by explaining that her mother-in-law came up in a very abusive home, and she ended up experiencing the worst of it out of her siblings.

When her mother-in-law turned 18, she cut off all contact with her family. Her mother-in-law then ended up getting married and did not even invite her own parents to her wedding.

After her mother-in-law’s father passed away, her mother-in-law’s mom contacted her and said she wished to rebuilt things.

That wasn’t too long ago, and her mother-in-law is slowly moving forward with her mom.

Now that you have the backstory, let’s get to the current situation. The family of this bride-to-be’s fiancé has a gorgeous family heirloom.

It’s a necklace covered in sapphires and diamonds, and it’s really a stunning piece of jewelry that is supposed to be gifted “to the oldest girl on her wedding day.”

Well, the grandma of this bride-to-be’s fiancé asked her if she would like to have the heirloom necklace, and she quickly said yes.

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