His Fiancée Is Saying He’s Forcing Her To Choose Sides After Her Parents Said They Didn’t Want A Specific Guest At The Wedding

They tried to say they were not comfortable with Chris’s boyfriend being around them, but this dad knows it’s because they’re not accepting at all.

Melanie’s parents then told him not to get into an argument with them over it all, but this dad thought there was no way he was going to back down.

He informed Melanie’s parents that Chris’s boyfriend is going to be at his upcoming wedding to Melanie, and they don’t have to come if that makes them feel uneasy.

After this conversation happened, Melanie’s parents called her nonstop to accuse this dad of preventing them from being a part of their daughter’s special day.

Melanie discussed this all with him, pointing out that her parents are outraged and want to be at the wedding because she is the only daughter that they have.

This dad set Melanie straight as he said that the issue was that her parents want Chris’s boyfriend to no longer be invited to their wedding.

Melanie acknowledged that Chris and Chris’s boyfriend are both great, but she wants to speak to Chris’s boyfriend about being uninvited because her parents want to come.

She seems to think Chris and his boyfriend will understand, but that only made this dad freak out on her.

He insisted that her family can be respectful and attend the wedding along with Chris and Chris’s boyfriend, or they can stay home and those are the only options.

Melanie then accused this dad of giving her no say in the matter and forcing her to pick sides; either her parents, or him, his son, and his son’s boyfriend.

How would you handle this?

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