Missing Toddler Who Walked Away Down Her Driveway One Sunday Sadly Found Dead

Maineville, Ohio. 4-year-old Emerie Schandorf-Woode disappeared on Sunday, August 22nd from the Turning Leaf subdivision located in Maineville.

She was last seen around midday, barefoot and walking down her driveway, as noticed on the ring camera footage released by the Hamilton Township Police Department.

Officers began searching houses in the area and using dogs, drones, and boats in an effort to try to find Emerie as quickly as possible.

Community members rushed to help as well, through assisting in the search and donating food and water to the authorities looking for Emerie.

Facebook; pictured above is Emerie

This past Sunday around 8 p.m., Emerie was sadly found dead in a local pond where she had loved to go to feed the fish. The local coroner determined that Emerie had unfortunately drowned.

“I have been doing this job a long time, and this is without a doubt the most tragic press conference I have ever done,” Police Chief Scott Hughes said in a press conference on August 23rd in which he announced that Emerie had been found, but in the way that everyone in the community had hoped for.

Police Chief Scott Hughes said that if local residents would like to honor Emerie’s life, they can do so by displaying purple or blue ribbons and balloons since those were her favorite colors.

Officers with the Hamilton Township Police Department are now wearing blue and purple ribbons on their uniforms in memory of Emerie.

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