She Disappeared While Hiking Alone In July And Her Body Unfortunately Was Found 2 Days Ago

Red Lodge, Montana. 23-year-old Tatum Morell was a very experienced hiker who set out for a solo hike on July 1st. That afternoon, Tatum headed for the West Fork Trail Head.

At 8 p.m. that evening, she spoke to her mom via her InReach device, which is a portable satellite phone.

Unfortunately, her loved ones stopped hearing from her after that and she was reported as missing.

“It is believed that she left her campsite at Shadow Lake on Friday morning to climb one of the 12000’ peaks in the area and never returned,” Red Lodge Fire Rescue explained in a Facebook post shortly after her disappearance.

Although authorities were able to locate Tatum’s camping area, they couldn’t find her anywhere.

Facebook; pictured above is Tatum

In the nearly two months since Tatum disappeared, there have been multiple searches for her conducted across the area that didn’t yield any results or clues.

Sadly, 2 days ago Red Lodge Fire Rescue shared an update that Tatum’s body had been found by a few people climbing in the area.

“Rescuers believe that Tatum was climbing Whitetail Peak when she was caught in a significant rock slide and suffered fatal injuries,” Red Lodge Fire Rescue wrote.

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