She Left Home One Morning 16 Years Ago After Arguing With Her Parents And A Suspected Serial Killer Has Been Charged With Her Murder Even Though She Hasn’t Been Found

Battle Creek, Michigan. It was June 12th, 2005, when 21-year-old Ashley Marie Parlier walked away from her home in the neighborhood of Urbandale, never to be seen after that.

Ashley had gotten into an argument that morning with her parents after they brought it up to her that they thought she seemed to be pregnant.

They were concerned about her making good decisions for her potential newborn, and they wanted to make sure everything was going to be ok.

Although Ashley was, by all means, a legal adult, she did have a bit of a mental disability, and so she acted more like a very young teenager than a 21-year-old woman.

Ashley’s mom and dad tried to talk Ashley into getting seen by a doctor, but she did not want to hear it and ended up walking out the door of the home she shared with them.

Figuring that Ashley just needed a bit of time to decompress from the heated discussion, her parents didn’t chase after her as she left.

Ashley did not have a car of her own (in fact, it was something she was saving up to get by working at a local Taco Bell) so it didn’t seem she could get that far.

When Ashley never made it back home, her parents reported her as missing.

Facebook; pictured above is Ashley

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