She Lost Her Engagement Ring At A Beach And An Officer Helped Her Find It

Rye, New Hampshire. Losing an engagement ring could be the worst possible scenario for any woman. It’s a symbol of love and promise, and most of all, it’s a prized possession!

One woman lost her ring in the worst place – the middle of endless sand on the beach.

As per a Facebook post from the Rye Police Department, this past weekend Animal Control Officer Bob McGrath was walking Cable Beach located in Rye, New Hampshire.

Officer McGrath came across Olivia Ireland out on the beach, and she had a metal detector in her hands.

“I was out patrolling on Saturday. We have a no dogs on the beach policy, and I look for that and other things,” Officer McGrath later told Seacoastonline.

“I saw the lady near the water with a metal detector, on a busy, busy beach day and thought it was a little odd.”

Rye, New Hampshire Police Department; pictured above is Olivia’s engagement ring that she lost at the beach

“Being a person who used metal detectors for most of my life, I went and asked if she was having any luck.”

Olivia explained to Officer McGrath that she was trying to use the metal detector to find her engagement ring, which she had lost.

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