She’s Now Excluding Her Cousin Who Has Down Syndrome From Her Wedding Party Due To Some Issues But Her Aunt Is Accusing Her Of Discrimination

A 26-year-old woman is going to be getting married next spring towards the end of April. She is already including some children in her family in her wedding party.

She thinks by including them, it will help alleviate some of the boredom they might experience at the wedding.

Her 19-year-old cousin Etta has Down syndrome, and due to that, she can be a little more childlike (for example, she loves My Little Pony).

When this bride-to-be asked Etta to be part of her wedding party, she thought her cousin was very excited to be included.

However, how she acted afterward did not make it seem that Etta really wanted to be involved at all.

For example, I picked out a sweet pink dress for the bridesmaids to wear, and all the girls loved it,” the bride-to-be said.

“Except Etta said she didn’t like and wouldn’t wear it. So I picked another dress for them, in a different cut, but she refused this one too.”

“Eventually I asked her to go and pick a dress she would like to wear. Etta came back with this navy blue dress that wouldn’t match anything at the wedding.”

This bride-to-be said she is not extremely picky, but she is having a springtime wedding, so she does really want lighter colors, not darker.

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