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This 22-Year-Old Crowdfunded Her Way To The Olympics After Funding For Women Was Cut And She Just Won BMX Gold

Olympic athletes are facing what may appear to others to be endless misery because they picked sports as a career path, and it is not an easy one to follow.

It demands both physical and mental strength. To be able to use equipment, train, and compete in contests, you must, of course, have money.

Even a shortage of funding couldn’t keep Bethany Shriever, a British BMX racer, from competing in the Olympics.

The United Kingdom discontinued financing female BMX racers to focus on preparing the male team, but Bethany found a way around it, and now she wears a gold medal around her neck.

Because the UK government did not set aside funds for the female squad, Bethany had to pay for her own way to the Olympics.

Instagram; pictured above is Bethany with her boyfriend

The issue is that preparing for the Olympics is extremely costly, and without government financing, this process becomes quite difficult.

She set up a crowdfunding campaign and was able to raise the funds she needed to travel to Tokyo.

However, since the Olympics is every athlete’s goal and the culmination of their careers, Bethany saw a solution.

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