This Woman Was Mocked At The Gym Over Her Weight While Trying To Make A Workout Video

Chicago, Illinois. People come from many walks of life in the world. Some people are slender, some are well built, and some people suffer from health conditions that make them feel insecure about their size.

Despite all our efforts to look good, each of us is still insecure about our bodies in one way or another. No one gets the right to judge or mock someone because of that.

We are created beautifully, uniquely. And we deserve to be treated with respect.

In a world that is so often harsh and ruthless, being kind and understanding is everything.

Bullying benefits no one, and it always comes back to haunt you in some way. However, some people still need to be educated about that.

A plus-size influencer took to TikTok to post a video of an incident she had at the gym with a woman who mocked her as she tried to make a workout video.

The video begins with Bethy Red, the influencer, shooting herself in workout gear correcting her hair in the mirror. 

Bethy censored the woman by placing a large white box over her, which seems very generous of her to have done after you hear what this woman said.

TikTok; pictured above is a screenshot of Bethy in her video

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