After Her Friend Said Something Super Rude About Her Ring, She Decided To Uninvite Her From The Engagement Party

Although she didn’t give Amy a number, Amy insisted it had to be worth a lot of money. Amy then made a pretty rude comment to her.

She mentioned it had to be $50,000 or more, and she found it pretty appalling “to spend that much on a ring when even a fifth of that money could’ve pulled a family out of poverty?”

Honestly, this woman was flabbergasted when this came out of Amy’s mouth. She thinks it’s, well, not right to dictate to someone the ways in which they should be spending cash.

She was trying to share a moment of happiness over getting engaged, and instead, she was getting baited about her ring.

She changed gears quickly and attempted to make things not so negative, but Amy couldn’t resist.

Amy pressed her further, saying, “But seriously though…he could’ve donated half of that to a nice charity and probably saved many lives. Wow, rich people really surprise me sometimes.”

She didn’t talk about how the rest of brunch went, but she did admit that after that all happened, she didn’t feel like Amy belonged at the engagement party.

She understandably doesn’t want anything wrong happening on another special day for her, and to top it off she isn’t someone that just gets over rude things.

Next, she sent Amy a text laying everything out. She didn’t hold back in telling Amy that she was very upset about what she said at brunch, before getting around to the fact that she doesn’t feel comfortable with her coming to the party now.

She artfully ended the text by hoping they would be able to work through things in the future. Then, Amy replied.

“She responded shortly after apologizing for the comment and said how she didn’t know it would affect me that much,” the newly engaged woman said.

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