After This Man Was Found Dead In The Water The Police Released A Photo Of His Tattoo In Case You Might Be Able To Help Identify Him

Sea Bright, New Jersey. It was around 11:29 in the morning on August 29th when someone reported a man dead in the water close to Sea Bright in Monmouth County.

The man was found by the New Jersey State Police Marine Services Bureau around a mile from the shore, but nobody can identify him so far.

“The deceased is described as a male between 20 to early 40s, approximately 5’ 11”, approximately 190 pounds, wearing dark blue jeans, a black belt, and black Nike sneakers,” the New Jersey State Police said in a statement posted to Facebook.

“There is a distinct tattoo on the right shoulder which resembles a solar eclipse.”

New Jersey State Police; pictured above is a photo of the unique tattoo the man had

The New Jersey State Police is hoping that you might be able to identify this man based on the above photo of his tattoo.

If you have any idea who he might be, please reach out to Detective II Nikollaq Moni, from the New Jersey State Police Missing Persons & Human Trafficking Unit, at 609-256-1056.

You can also contact Detective II Ryan Labriola, from the Homicide South Unit, at

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