Former Disney Princess Dishes On TikTok About What Her Job Was Like And Opens Up About Married Dads That Tried To Get Her To Meet Them At Their Hotels

32-year-old Sarah Daniels used to be a Disney princess for her job, and she’s going viral on TikTok for opening up about what that was like.

Sarah has made multiple videos covering topics like how to perfectly audition if you also dream of being a Disney princess and how to actually start the process of becoming one.

She also has created makeup tutorials for various Disney princesses and answered the internet’s most burning questions such as, are there rules about a Disney princess’s voice or do you have to wash your own costume at Disney?

One of the creepiest things about Sarah’s experience is definitely the married dads that would hit on her and try to get her to meet them at their hotels. Yikes, right? So much for family-friendly fun.

“I feel like…if dudes are going to be creeps and hit on you, they’re going to hit on you whether or not you’re in character or not,” Sarah explained in one TikTok video.

Sarah went on to say that while she was in costume there were “many moments” where married dads would give her keys to their hotel rooms and ask her to meet them there later.

Sarah then made a follow-up video after someone asked her how she dealt with creeper dads.

She pointed out that every time a guy would hit on her and things would get weird, she was always “caught off guard” by their behavior, and she would try to divert their attention to her character attendant.

TikTok; pictured above is a screenshot of Sarah in one of her videos

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