Her Boyfriend Proposed To Her And She Walked Out Of The Room Without Saying A Word To Him

“He followed me and he proposed. Between the shoes on the floor, the kitchen, and the restroom, he was kneeling.”

She was so shocked and upset by what he was doing that she couldn’t control herself.

The dreams she had about her special day disappeared into thin air, and she walked right out of the room without saying a single word to him.

“I was so hurt, I couldn’t say a word,” she revealed. “Couldn’t even accept it. I looked at him, looked around me as I couldn’t believe where he proposed, felt the tears in my eyes.”

“I nodded and walked past him to lay on the bed and cry.”

After some time, he came into their room and asked her what the problem was. She made it clear to him that she was expecting the proposal to be completely different, like how they had discussed in the past.

She did tell him she would go through with marrying him despite her proposal dreams being dashed.

She told her friends, and they’re not really sure what to think about all this. Some think she’s in the wrong and she’s an ingrate, while others think she’s in the right.

She apologized to him in the end, but she still feels disappointed in the proposal she got, instead of the one she wanted.

How would you deal with this?

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