This Sergeant Stationed In The Middle East Is Desperately Hoping To Save These Kitties And Bring Them Home With Her To America

Sergeant Kelsey has grown very attached to Sergeant Whiskers and her two kittens, and she will soon have to leave the Middle East to come home to America.

Sergeant Kelsey is hoping to be able to bring Sergeant Whiskers home with her, and as for Sergeant Whiskers’s kitties, she has a friend who has deployed alongside her that is ready to welcome them with open arms.

“These operations are not easy, and certainly not cheap, but with many of us working together we can make it happen,” Guardians of Rescue explained.

Guardians of Rescue; pictured above Seargeant Kelsey gets water for Sergeant Whiskers and her kittens

“If you’re able to chip in just a few dollars – even $5 – and share their story, everything makes a difference because kindness adds up.”

If you would like to help Sergeant Whiskers and her kittens come home to America with Seargeant Kelsey, you can donate to this cause here.

Guardians of Rescue; pictured above is a close up of Sergeant Whiskers

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