4-Year-Old Mistakenly Buys Over $2,000 Of Popsicles That His Mom Can’t Return

Noah is an adorable 4-year-old living in Brooklyn, New York, along with his mom Jennifer Bryant.

Noah loves watching SpongeBob, and somehow accidentally ordered $2,618.85 of SpongeBob popsicles off of Amazon.

Although it seems like an exciting thing for a 4-year-old to do, it turned out to be heart-stopping for Jennifer after she realized she could not return the popsicles and she was stuck with the costly bill.

After hearing about what happened, a friend of Jennifer’s named Katie Schloss knew she had to step in and try to help.

Instagram; pictured above is Noah smiling with his pricey popsicle order

Katie started a GoFundMe page in the hopes of raising enough money to help Jennifer pay for the popsicles.

“Meet 4-year-old Noah from Brooklyn, NY, who loves SpongeBob sooo much that he managed to purchase $2,618.85 worth of SpongeBob popsicles from Amazon and had them sent to his Auntie’s house,” Katie wrote.

“In case you are wondering, that’s 51 cases, containing 918 popsicles.”

“As (truly!) adorable as this story is, Jennifer Bryant, Noah’s mom, is a social work student at NYU (we took Policy I together) and simply cannot afford this.”

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