Less Than A Month After This Little Girl Was Born, She Was Diagnosed With Cancer

“The case is being presented to oncologists and surgeons across the country for further opinion. She’s still fighting to recover from her initial surgery which is the first step in her path forward.”

In a second update shared on October 6th, Eleanor’s parents said that her case was under discussion by the American Family Childrens’ Hospital Tumor Board, which is made up of many cancer specialists.

After having her case reviewed by the board, they will work to develop the best course of treatment for Eleanor.

“From initial scans, we believe the cancer is not in her brain and it seems to have originated in the abdomen,” Elliott and Alex said.

“She continues to be bright-eyed, responsive to our voice and touch, and comfortable. She has been a favorite among the staff at SSM with nurses and doctors regularly stopping in to check on her.”

“We can’t help but smile when we see several people each day just coming in to say hi and hold her hand; her grip around our fingers is incredibly strong!”

If you would like to donate to the GoFundMe that has been created to help cover Eleanor’s medical expenses, you can do that here.

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