Mac ‘n’ Cheez Went Viral A Few Years Ago, Now This Paralyzed Kitty Is All Grown Up And Living His Best Life

Massapequa, New York. A good samaritan brought an absolutely adorable ginger-colored kitty to the Massapequa Vet Facility on Long Island back in 2016.

This tiny ball of fluff was found abandoned on the streets with his siblings.

The person who found him had placed the tiny little guy inside a box of macaroni and cheese to transport him to the vet, so he was aptly called Mac ‘n’ Cheez.

The thing is, Mac is no ordinary kitty…he was paralyzed and could not move either of his back legs.

Facebook; pictured above is what Mac ‘n’ Cheez first looked like when he came to the vet

Doctors and staff at Massapequa Pet Vet wanted to do everything they could to give Mac the best life possible, so they started doing physical therapy and water-related exercises with him.

Facebook; pictured above is Mac testing out his tiny wheels

They even built Mac a tiny little wheelchair that was just his size out of Lego pieces.

Mac’s sweet story quickly went viral a few years ago, and people fell in love with video clips of him running around in his tiny wheelchair.

Facebook; pictured above Mac enjoys some of his swim therapy

Dr. Barone, the neurologist from the Veterinary Medical Center of Long Island, was able to determine that Mac developed his condition after trauma experienced in the birth canal or post-birth.

Mac eventually got some strength back in one of his hind legs, but he does kind of drag along the other one. He gets around great despite his disability!

Facebook; pictured above Mac sits up in his preferred position, kind of like a little person

One of the vet techs at Massapequa Pet Vet adopted Mac, and now he’s all grown up and still living his best possible life with his new mom.

You can follow along with Mac and his adventures on Facebook here!

Facebook; pictured above is a recent photo of Mac