She Caught The Bouquet At Her Sister’s Wedding And Her Sister’s Best Friend Got Angry At Her For It

Catching the bouquet at a wedding is a tradition that actually was started way back in Europe in the Middle Ages.

It evolved over the years to become what we know today; a bouquet of flowers that gets tossed to all of the women at the wedding to catch.

Whoever catches the bouquet that the bride throws is said to be the next in line to tie the knot themselves, and sometimes, the whole catching the bouquet thing can be pretty cutthroat out there.

One 24-year-old woman recently caught the bouquet at her twin sister’s wedding, and her sister’s best friend got angry at her for it.

She started out by saying that she is extremely close to her twin sister K, and they have been like that from the very beginning.

Now, K has a 25-year-old best friend called L, and L forever has felt threatened by the relationship that this young woman has with her twin.

She and K have known L for basically their whole childhood, and throughout the years, L has done everything to try to make it seem like she knows K better than anyone.

Obviously, she doesn’t much like L at all, but she puts up with her because K adores her.

Anyway, K’s wedding was a weekend ago, and she happened to be the sole bridesmaid that K had in the wedding party.

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