She’s Going Viral For Sharing With TikTok Her Worst First Date Story About Some Guy That Made Her Order And Pay For 100 Tacos

Elyse Myers, a TikToker with 1.6 million followers, recently went viral after sharing the juicy details of her worst first date. You are probably thinking, “I’ve had some pretty weird first dates, too.”

Well, Myers’ experience- with a man she coined “taco guy”- definitely takes the cake.

On October 6th, Myers posted a hilariously unenthusiastic video describing the date. She described how before she met her “smoke show” of a husband, she was on dating apps.

“A man messaged me out of the blue and said ‘I like your face let’s get some food’,” Myers recounted.

The man told Myers to meet him at his house so they could drive to the restaurant together. “Why did we not just meet there? I have no idea,” Myers questioned.

After she arrived at his home, the man claimed to have lost his keys and asked Myers to drive. “Should I have left him right there and drove right home? Yes. Did I? Absolutely not,” she rants.

As Myers drove, the man gave her turn-by-turn directions. “He could have been leading me to an abandoned warehouse and I still would’ve been like, ‘Left turn at this stop sign? Okay!’,” she said and pretends to whip the steering wheel around.

The two finally arrive for their “date” at an unlikely location: Taco Bell. Myers asked, “Dine-in or drive through?” The man then instructed her to go through the drive-thru. This is where the “date” took a serious turn.

TikTok; pictured above is a screenshot of Elyse telling her worst first date story

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